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Entrepreneurship Development

Entrepreneurship Development Program is one of the key elements for the promotion and start up of micro and small Industries/enterprises, contributing in Start-Up-India Mission. Aim is the creation of employment and wealth for individual development. Hence, entrepreneurship development has been one of the priorities in countries, the world over. The focus is on entrepreneurial development coupled with specific skills relating to trades like electronics, electrical, food processing, etc, which enables the trainees to start their own ventures. The programs covered include the following:

Technical/Core Skill Domain Training

Entrepreneurship Development

a)    Business Management: –
1.    Motivational and Management Skill
2.    Fundamentals of Project Feasibility Study
3.    Sustainability of Unit, Precautions needed
4.    Risk Taking Behavior
5.    Crisis management

b)    Project Management: –
1.    Business Plan Management
2.    Manpower Management
3.    Time Management
4.    Business Plan Presentation
5.    Rapport Building

c)    Financial management: –
1.    Costing, Pricing and Profit Making
2.    Purchasing inventory/Material Management
3.    Break Even Analysis
4.    Accounts and Book Keeping
5.    Value Added Tax, Income Tax, Sales Tax
6.    Management of Working Capital

d)    Sales & Marketing: –
1.    Establishment of Enterprise-Schematic Approach
2.    Legal Formalities
3.    Marketing Strategy and sales technique
4.    Customer Relationship management
5.    Leadership
6.    Challenges

Business Consulting

Pilot Phase-Entrepreneurship Implementation

Individual will be trained on a specified trade as per his/her interest primarily; training will include all technical/core knowledge so that all related information should be gained by the trainee. Skilling then followed by market strategy, planning, costing, management and funding for the start up.

In final stage of the program, trainees will work on a 6-Months Pilot Phase project, on which a group/individual will be working as business plan directly under the guidance of industry experts followed by SmartBrains ensuring Net-Worth Profitability of enterprises.

SmartBrains will monitor the enterprise/industry as a mentor during complete pilot phase and may also invest/provide investors to it, as per the profit records of the firm.

The Program will be purely based on practical working model/start-up project ensuring entrepreneurship of all trainees.