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Process Design Engineering


Process Design Engineering

Chemical Process Plants such as refineries, pharmaceutical and petrochemical plants are very complex plants in term of equipment, pipeline, instrumentation, electronics, control and power systems. Multidisciplinary engineering team play a vital roles to design and construct such complex chemical plants. Team of process and piping designers play major roles to make safe, economical and well functional designs.

Process Design Engineering Course Provide by the SmartBrains to enhances the skills of the students by giving him training on fundamental principles and concepts used in process design and plant design. BFD,PFD, P&ID,PDS,Basic Engineering Package, Process Equipments Detail Design, Delection & Sizing of Process Equipment and Process Simulation.

What You Will Gain?

• Overview of Industry and role of a Process Engineer in various fields

• Basic design requirements based on the types of plants / projects

• Overview of Basic Engineering Package

• Introduction to PFD, P&ID and PDS of equipments

• Relevant Codes and Standards used in industry

• Development of PFD: Process & Utility

• Mass and Energy balance – Design Basis, Sample Calculations and Utilty Sizing Interlocks, Control

• Philosophy, Valves Selection and sizing, Safety valves sizing

• Development of P&ID: Process and Utility, Line Sizing & Pressure Drop Calculations

• Pump Selection and sizing

• Heat Exchanger Design (Thermal Design)

• Distillation Column Design

• Available Software used in industry and their applications

• Personality Development & Mock Interviews Preparation


Process Design Engineering Training Certificate

 Entry Requirement:

Four year undergraduate degree into Chemical, Petrochemical, Engineering or equivalent,or experience Diploma Engineers of a satisfactory standard and deemed suitable preparation for entry to the program by the selection committee.

Program Length

9 Days / 45 Days Regular / Weekends / Only Sunday and Distance Learning (Correspondance).             

Program Fees

The Process Design Engineering Program Based on Different-Different time modules. Students pay full fees at the time of the Admission.

Students are advised to check official fee rates at the Offices of SmartBrains. 

 National Students: Tution Fees: INR 30,000/-

International Students : Tution Fees: $ 2,000/-


• This training program is on AUTONOMOUS basis conducted by SmartBrains.

• SmartBrains has right to expel any student at any time for misbehavior, poor attendance without refunding the fees.

• Certification will be issued only after completion of course, submission of all assignments and passing all the examinations.

• SmartBrains has its own rules and regulations about conducting examinations and assessment of  examinations.

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