Summer Internship

Summer Internship Program – 2018

Smart Brains offers the Summer Internship Program in Engineering (Electrical, Electronics, Instrumentation, Chemical, Civil, Mechanical, Computer Science & Information Technology) for students and professionally qualified engineers.
The summer internship program runs all through the yearin different batches in different locations. Smart Brains run the summer internship program for undergraduate and postgraduate students belonging to recognized academic institutions.
The program provides an opportunity for the professionally qualified Engineers to return to an active career after a break or sabbatical. The Summer Internship program is different in the sense that it does not just train students to execute projects but it trains them in all aspects of project management such as project planning, requirements analysis, specification generation, design iteration management, teamwork & ethics, behavior management, team building, group etiquette, and communication skills. Apart from a full set of technology modules, it also uses specially designed training modules in ethics, history through heritage sensitization/heritage walks, and lessons from mythology to teach culturally-conscious and effective engineering practices. During the internship, you get to meet and work with teams of people- students, faculty, and technical staff members. You will interact with some leading researchers in the area, if the occasion warrants, and most importantly, you get to execute a project under the direct supervision of your faculty and student mentors. All of these experiences add weight to your resume and also positively shape your overall personality.

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